26.02.2008Andreas Anastasiou ESCTIME.COM

- How is your experience in your Eurovision?

- I’ll tell you a little secret. I didn’t watch Eurovision 07 or 06. 
I didn’t even listen to the winner songs. I am not emotionally attached to Eurovosion. It’s just my work, moreover, just one small part of it.
Regardless of my taking part in that contest and not even once, this is not my cup of tea. I love different music: jazz, funk & soul and the very roots of such. The rest of the music is relatively the same to me.  
From this point of view I’d put the Eurovision, Metallica, Shakira, or Grig into the same basket. I don’t want to waste time on something of no interest because life is too short. But I really want to win the Contest one day. I consider it a game and I hate to lose.

- Last year you took part in the contest with two songs, one from Belarus
and one from Armenia. How was this experience?

- I was ready to give up both songs for the one that won the Contest. And I’m ready to do it anytime. I can offer even the silver Never Let You Go as a bonus. Maybe you know somebody who wants to exchange with me? By the way I hope there will be two songs this year too. I mean Shady Lady from Ukraine and Peace Will Come from Georgia. 

- How do you imagine the Ukrainian entry this year?

- Frankly speaking I have no idea. Ask Philip Kirkorov. He is an artist with a capitol “A”, a real star in Russia and he knows all and all about the stage life. He is willing to make a show. I’ve just written the text. I think it’s a sufficient contribution. Besides my concept is less to know - better to sleep.

- Can we expect some changes on "Shady Lady" or Ani will sing the song as
was in the Ukrainian National Final?

- I’m sure it will be another show on the stage, something fabulous in Philip Kirkorov’s style. But I don’t think that Ani will change something in vocal concept. Most likely it’s a final version.

- Do you think this year the changes with the two semifinals will improve
the contest or will destroy it? 

- It seems to me a lot of countries take part in the Contest this year. There are too many performers and too many songs. People can’t remember them. I don’t know how they are able to vote.

- Do you listen any of the songs that already selected? If yes do you have
a favourite?

- Shady Lady is my sixth song on Eurovision but it means nothing. Anyway I can’t predict the final result before the last moment. Nobody can. I remember my first entry in 2002 when the favourite of all polls was Swedish band Afro-dite. They had real Euro-hit song, which sounded excellently. And what was the result? They were the 9th, and a girl from Latvia, I can not even remember her name now, with very poor song has won. But she had some trick in the style of music-hall of the 60s, her dress changed, shortened etc during the performance - and that was enough for the first place. So, everybody is a favourite, everybody has a chance.