Автор музыки: Ф.Киркоров

Автор слов: К.Кавалерян

Исполнитель: Ани Лорак




You’ve been my superstar 

But it’s not what you are 

You’ve been my superhero

Since I’ve lived in your shade 

Every step that I made

Brought me nothing but zero 


But I’m stayin’ alive

Now I’m changin’ my life

With a burning desire

No one knows who I am

But I don’t give a damn

Gonna set you on fire


Shady Lady

I’m gonna strike like thunder

Are you ready

I wanna make you wonder

Rollin’ steady 

I’m gonna make you shiver

My heart is burning now


Just take a look at me 

Deep inside and you’ll see

All I keep under cover 

There is one thing I bet

You’re about to regret

I’m no longer your lover


I’ve just turned one more page

I belong to the stage

Baby, don’t call me baby


I wanna light you up

And leave you alone

I am a brand new star

That you’ve never known